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  • Kollimalai Pepper

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    kollimalai Pepper / Black Pepper:

    Brand : from Kollihills

    Price : 720.00 INR

    Weight : 1 Kg

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    Black pepper comes from the pepper plant, which are grown in hilly area of Tamilnadu –Namakkal districts (Kollimalai). These spices are directly procured from farmers those who are not using any kind chemical fertilizers in their farming activities. This pepper is very useful to prepare spicy food and improving digestion.


  • Mudakaruthan

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    Mudakathan Powder / Balloon Plant:

    Brand : 18G

    Weight : 50 Grams

    Price : 49 INR



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    Cardiospermum Halicacabum, known as the balloon plant or love in a puff, is a climbing plant widely distributed in tropical and subtropical Africa and Asia. It has been examined for antidiarrhoeal as well as homoeopathic medicina properties.

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