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Brinjal CVK Seeds


Brinjal CVK Seeds | Covai Vari Kathiri

Brand : 18G / SUN RICE

Price : inr 22.00/-

Quantity : 250 Seeds aprax 

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Compact plant type. Plant height at maturity is 100 to 130 cm. Days to first picking from 70 days onwards. Total duration is 210 days. Fruits are oblong shape having dark purple streaks and pale green non-spiny calyx.  Average vegetable weight is 55 – 65 g. Suitable for Telangana, AP, TN, Karnataka and Maharastra.

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Brinjal CVK Seeds | Covai Vari Kathiri

Name : Brinjal CVK Seeds, Covai Vari Kathiri

Country of Origin : India

Type Of Seed : Vegetable

Quantity : 300 Seeds aprax

Suitable For :  Outdoor

Color : Multicolor

Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 1

Brinjal CVK Seeds Growing instructions

Brinjal CVK is an annual plant and grows well in sunlight and is slightly drought resistant. They need enough space to spread out. They bear more Vegetable if there is enough space for them to spread out. Sow the seeds at one place at a depth of around 5 cm depth. It germinates quickly in around 5 to 10 days. When the plants are grown up to 3 inches, replant them with a spacing of 2 ½ to 3 feet between plants. Plant them in raised beds. Brinjal CVK Seeds grows well in warm climates. In cold climates they are easily prone to insect and disease problems. Water moderately. If grown in pots grow one plant per plot. Add compost or manure for good yield.

Weight 04 g


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